Suzuki LJ80

Once upon a time I owned and restored an old Suzuki 4WD. It was a lot of fun to do this and this photo archive is an homage to all the fun I had with my friends driving and restoring this car. Unfortunatly due to getting older and shifting your priorities, available space, etc, blabla, it was not sensible to keep driving this classic car, but the photos and memories remain!

Title Hits
TVNoord (02-10-2004) 4692
Apelbergen, ignition wet (24-07-2004) 3871
Sandy road (29-05-2004) 3814
Euroborg (12-04-2004) 3830
Lauwersoog and Electra (11-08-2003) 3753
Onnen, Leek and Eelde (10-08-2003) 3634
Installing safety belts (12-06-2003) 3825
Paintbrushing the car (29-04-2003) 4150
First action shots! (11-05-2003) 3888
Carburator problems (12-05-2003) 3981

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