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A website can be as complicated as you like. This website is all about showing the possibilities of my own skills and that of the open source community. I believe that software is not something you can own. It's an idea and ideas can't be owned. There's no issue why you shouldn't earn money because it's your idea, but the code remains public property. All this is running in a dark place of our living room. Out of sight, but very present in our normal lives without noticing and that's how IT should be I think.


As a platform my website runs the proven combination Apache, PHP and MySQL. Apache is the software that 'serves' the webpages that you see. PHP does the interactive stuff and MySQL is responsible for the database. Most open-source application require this setup as a platform.


It's nice to have a platform, but just like Windows or Linux, your computer does nothing without applications. For the web I use two applications, Joomla and WordPress. Joomla is mainly used for the website part and WordPress is used as a blogging application. Both applications are combined using RSS, an example is the menu-item "Weblog". This pulls the last blogs from blog.eppenga.com and displays them inside www.eppenga.com.

Is that all? No, all this is very nice, but suppose you would like to contact me? Or upload/download some files from my website? Email is handled by Mercury mailserver, well known within universities. In the early days entire universities ran of Mercury implementations. The file handling is done by an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server which is called FileZilla.


Apache, MySQL, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Mercury, FileZilla, where does this all run? The answer might surprise you, but this all runs on one single relative simple computer. It's the Asus EEE Box, it's meant as a lightweight solution for desktop computing. It's tiny, about the size of your hand, but for a website and our internal private network it's more then enough.

The Asus EEE Box is well designed and environment friendly. At maximum it consumes 20 Watts of power, your average PC easily consumes in access of 250 Watts. It's silent and features a 1.6 Ghz Intel Atom processor, 80 Gb harddisk and 1 Gb of memory.

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