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The internet has been around a while and so it my webpresence. I was there in 1994 when internet saw the light and I still remember the first dialup connections using a 300/300 baud modem. The internet has somewhat matured and many challenges lay ahead. It's exciting to be a part of that development and this website is my proof of being there.

Why yet another website?

I believe that the internet is, or will be, a part of ordinary life. Just like most of you live in a house, ride a car, this my place on the internet. Also this website is a showcase of what my skills are. Skills are things that can be measured and I believe that skills depend on how well you interact with previous developed work. Since I am a marketeer I love to show what's possible!

The cow has always been my logo on the internet. I choose it because I have many international contacts and a cow pretty much symbolizes The Netherlands. And also, cows are probably the species after mankind that are most automated. Ever watched a modern farm? This reflects back to my work and personal interests, automation without realising that it's there and helping us.

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Ebo Eppenga

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